More About Us - Stuff4TheBeach

Why did we start Stuff4TheBeach?

It all began in 2004 after forgetting our beach chairs on one of our trips (almost hard to believe) we had to do the inevitable and go shopping for new chairs once we got to the beach. We may have "forgotten" our chairs because they were old and perhaps needed to be replaced anyway.

As many of you have experienced this problem once you get to the beach you have a choice. Buy an uncomfortable, terrible chair and pay a small fortune or buy a quality chair and pay a kings ransom.

Like us, beach enthusiasts don't want to pay for beach gear and get little in return, so we had an idea that we should help out other beach lovers by really digging and finding those diamonds in the rough. We searched for products and once we found ones we really liked we spoke with manufacturers to be sure they stood up for their products. We were able to form relationships with them and we are really proud to offer the items we do.

Stuff4TheBeach is dedicated to providing beach lovers with quality beach gear and accessories that are unique and hold up to the rigors of all your excursions. Each item we offer from Sunbrella beach umbrellas, wooden beach chairs, large beach blankets and insulated beach bags are products you would be proud to own. You can have confidence they will last and in fact, we use many of these same items when we go to the beach or have a picnic.

We are totally committed to providing you with fast, reliable and honest service so feel free to contact us with any questions.